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Advisory Services

The right IT decisions. Every. Single. Time.

You own and manage IT

We provide strategic direction and leadership.

IT Strategy and Planning: We develop and align your company's IT strategy with its overall business goals. We assess the current IT infrastructure, identify gaps or areas for improvement, and create a roadmap to achieve the desired IT objectives. This includes developing IT budgets, technology roadmaps, and IT governance frameworks.

Technology Assessment and Recommendations: We evaluate your existing technology systems, infrastructure, and processes, then provide recommendations on suitable technologies and solutions that align with business requirements. This may involve conducting technology audits, vendor evaluations, and proposing new technology implementations or upgrades.

Risk Management and Security: We help assess your IT security posture and identifies vulnerabilities or potential risks. Next, we develop strategies and policies to mitigate these risks and ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. This can include implementing security measures, disaster recovery plans, and employee training programs to enhance cybersecurity awareness.

Vendor Management: We help you select appropriate vendors, negotiate contracts, and manage ongoing vendor relationships. This includes evaluating vendor performance, monitoring service level agreements (SLAs), and ensuring your company receives the best value from its technology investments.

IT Governance and Performance Metrics: We establish IT governance frameworks and define objectives and key results (OKRs) to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT department. We create processes for tracking and reporting on IT metrics, such as system uptime, response times, user satisfaction, and IT project success rates. These metrics help monitor the performance and business value of the IT function and identify areas for improvement.

IT Project Management: We oversee IT projects, ensuring they are properly planned, executed, and delivered on time and within budget. We work with internal teams or external consultants to manage project scope, resource allocation, and risk management. This involves coordinating project activities, monitoring progress, and providing regular status updates to stakeholders.

Executive-level IT Leadership: We provide executive-level leadership and guidance on IT matters. We collaborate with senior management and department heads to align IT initiatives with overall business strategies, offering insights and recommendations on technology related decisions and investments.

“I have been in business for over 30 years and Nate Payne and his staff at Better Business Technology are simply the best!  Their expertise, professionalism and incredible demeanor handling complex IT issues has always exceeded my expectations.  


They go above and beyond in every aspect of their service.  They respond immediately when you contact them.  And while working with you, they make you feel so at ease with the process ahead.  You want the best? Contact Nate at BBT!” 

K. Emerick | Co-Founder, Owner at Emerick and Finch

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